About Us


Roslynmead West Sheep Stud is located 15km west of Echuca near the Murray River in regional Victoria. Our climate is made up of hot dry summers and cold winters. The sheep are run on predominately native pasture and stubble crops with some access to seasonal grazing crops.

We are continually in the pursuit in the breeding of excellence. Our background in over 50 years of agriculture and livestock breeding has seen many changes, with none more so than in the meat sheep industry. Our commitment to breeding quality shedding quality Australin White Sheep is at the forefront of our minds and governs out breeding programs. Highly fertile and productive ewes are the basis of our stud. Their ability to lamb, rare, and we in their offspring year in year out is paramount to our operation. Soundness of structure and shedding ability is carefully selected for in order to run a low maintenance animal. Our lambs must compare to the best prime lambs being produced and must also have commercial relevance.

Australian White Ewes

Ewes are available from time to time. Please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with stock or put you in contact with others that may have ewes for sale.


Roslynmead West Sheep Studs are pleased to announce their newest addition purchased at Tattykeel's 7th Annual Sale for $36,000.


Rams are available year round with specially selected rams being offered at selected Sales during the year.